Saturday, 22 January 2011

Bible summary

Hello people.

I am ploughing my way through the Bible at the moment, and have noticed that there is little in the way of a chapter-by-chapter summary on the internet. There are very detailed commentary verse by verse, but not an awful lot that allows biblical students more of an overview. is the closest I could find, but unfortunately it stops half way through the Old Testament, and is a little lacking in detail. To plug this gap in the market, I will be posting up my own chapter-by-chapter summary on this blog. I am planning on doing ten chapters a day, so I am guess the whole project will take me several months. When I come to things like Proverbs or Psalms, I might slightly depart from the chapter-by-chapter format, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I might also include brief notes about history or context. I have used the bwis text as my template, but have added more information that will hopefully be useful. The biblical text I have used is for the most part is theologically it's rather conservative, but it divides and summarises the text in a way I really like. There is the odd image and map too, to show things like what the Tabernacle or an Israelite priest looks like. I'm half way through Deuteronomy at the moment, so my first post will be everything up to there. Hope you find it useful!


  1. You just keep reading The Bible! And I'm sure you'll find many great scriptures that I'm sure you'll love.